On site waste management


Mthree’s objective is to provide a consultation and training service, facilitating the founding of a waste department for Companies to maximize their waste management and recycling:

  • Provides a “one-stop” approach;
  • Is cost-effective and can contribute hugely to companies’ bottom line;
  • Is an all-inclusive solution helping companies improve their waste management;
  • Increase profits from waste and recycling to increase companies’ profits, by not outsourcing the company’s waste.


Companies do currently sort and remove waste however, this is being done at an elevated cost to the Company.  There are several functions that are outsourced to providers of service, that increases the costs substantially.  It is our submission that by setting up a waste department/function within the company, these costs can be eliminated.  The waste department or function, can be fully or partially incorporated, based on the needs of the company.  MThree On Site, will provide support services, based on the requirements of the company, to alleviate the risk and logistics of this function.

The incorporation of such a function, in-house, with our support and expertise, will generate increased profits from the waste management.   This is also a great opportunity for the company to provide for the upskilling of staff, in line with the Skills Development Act, Employment Equity and the company’s BBBEE scorecard.

M Three On Site will conduct a full analysis of the company’s requirements and objectives and provide a customized solution to maximize functions, logistics, staff, infrastructure and profit. 

We will focus on, inter alia:

  • Staff training;
  • Assistance in setting up waste licenses;
  • Back -up/follow-up training, once initial training is complete;
  • Training on product management, as and when required;
  • Setting up a recycling network to sell products at best prices;
  • Recyclable rate can increase considerably by not going through a third party;
  • Provide infrastructure, such as vehicles, if required.

We look forward to working with the companies and supporting efforts to improve your recycling and waste management process.  We are confident that we can meet the challenges ahead and stand ready to partner with you in delivering an effective solution.

If you have questions on this proposal, feel free to contact Greame Campbell via email at greame@mthreeonsite.co.za on 072 796 8651.

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